Shop not paying property tax sealed in Patiala

Action will be taken against the builders in the sealed building: Commissioner

Shop not paying property tax sealed in Patiala

News Patiala: 5th August 2022
        About a dozen shops that do not pay property tax have been sealed by the Sanur Municipal Council. Giving information in this regard, Municipal Council Executive Officer Rakesh Arora said that we have given written notices to the owners of these shops several times.

A notice was given ten days ago that you should pay the due property tax, otherwise close the shops on the 4th as per the law. On this occasion, the owner of sweets and bakery said that they have taken shops for rent. There are sweets worth thousands of rupees in their shop which will spoil. Justice should be given to us.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner Aditya Uppal (IAS) has warned those doing construction work in buildings sealed by the Municipal Corporation for various reasons to face legal action and has said to register a criminal case against such persons.

Appealing to the city residents, he said that no one should carry out any construction work in violation of building bye-laws. The commissioner says that in the past, the buildings being constructed contrary to the rules were sealed.

 But it is known that even after this some persons have removed the seal and started the construction work. He said that if any person is found ignoring the rules in any of the sealed buildings, there will be no hesitation in registering an FIR against him.

Construction work is going on in some of the sealed commercial buildings in Tripuri Town and Ward No. 55 area. If such action is not stopped immediately, then the Municipal Corporation will have to take action.

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