SCHOOL BUS Accident today Dasuya Road Punjab

 The truck hit the school bus, 1 child died, and many children were injured

SCHOOL BUS Accident today Dasuya Road Punjab

News Patiala: 29th July 2022
                    A terrible accident took place today with a school bus on Dasuha Road. A bus full of children had a terrible accident. A total of 40 small children were on board the bus. One child is reported to have died in the accident and the condition of 3 is critical.

According to the information received, an uncontrolled truck hit the bus hard, which caused the accident. 12 children have been injured on the spot and have been rushed to the hospital. Small, innocent children were crying for their parents. The children were shocked to see the accident. The conductor of the bus is also said to be injured in the accident.

According to information, a private school bus was going to school by taking children from different villages. When the bus reached the Reliance petrol pump, a short distance from the school, a speeding truck from behind hit it. Because of this, the bus was damaged from behind. The incident is being investigated.

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