Punjab government should regularize the Sewa Kendra employees

Punjab government should regularize the Sewa Kendra employees
The Punjab government should regularize the Sewa Kendra employees

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                2 July 2022: Sewa Kendra employees are working on less than six years’ salary. The Punjab Government should regularize the employees of Sewa Kendra as well as make them permanent 36,000 employees.

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Sukhwinder Singh, District Advisor, Sewa Kendra Employees Union Block, Nabha to the Aam Aadmi Party Government of Punjab. He said that the Sewa Kendra, like other departments, is providing more revenue to the government.

The government should take over without any delay and regularize the 2600 employees working in it with immediate effect. He said he has been struggling for a long time. He also wrote a letter to almost all the MLAs of the Punjab government in this regard and appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann through the Deputy Commissioner of Sangrur district.

 Mr. Sukhwinder Singh demanded from the Punjab Government that recently the Finance Department of Punjab was compiling a list of contract employees and outsourced employees working in the state.

 Under which the employees of the service center should also be recruited. He said that the government should not ignore this demand of the Sewa Kendra employees at any level.

He further demanded that the working hours should be changed to the pattern of other government departments. The time should be changed from 9 am to 5 pm. Sewa Kendra should be closed on Sundays and run for a long time on low pay The salaries of these working employees should also be increased.

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