In view of new routes, PRTC To add 219 new buses: Laljit Singh Bhullar

New buses will run under the kilometer scheme

In view of new routes, PRTC To add 219 new buses: Laljit Singh Bhullar

Chandigarh, July 12, 2022: In the face of new bus route permits issued by the Punjab Government, PRTC Will add 219 new buses to its fleet for the convenience of the people.

Giving information in this regard, Transport Minister Mr. Laljit Singh Bhullar informed here today that for new routes PRTC has been set up. Needed more new buses so the PRTC It has been decided to add 219 ordinary new buses to the fleet. He said that the approval in this regard was given by the Chief Minister. Given by Bhagwant Singh Mann.

The Transport Minister said that the PRTC The process of installation of buses under the Kilometer Scheme has been started and a tender has been issued for which the last date is August2.

The Minister said that the operator/bus owner of the Kilometer Scheme has been transferred to PRTC. Will provide a completely new bus. The maintenance of the bus/driver/insurance/loan repayment etc. will be the responsibility of the operator/bus owner in return for which the operator/bus owner will be charged as per the minimum rate in the tender as per the kilometers fixed by his bus. Monthly payments will be made.

He said that the PRTC Will provide only conductors for the bus and the route income from the bus will be borne by the PRTC. Will be credited to the account. With these 219 buses, PRTC Will be able to meet its set mileage which will not only provide better travel facilities to the people and also help PRTC. This will not only increase the income of the state but also create employment opportunities for the youth of the state.

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