First Hindu girl became DSP in Pakistan

Trained in the most remote area of ​​Karachi

  • The commission helps in the preparation of the exam
  • A woman becoming a DSP in Pakistan is a big deal in itself. In Manisha’s family where everyone is in the medical line, she always dreamed of becoming a police officer. He has achieved this position on the strength of his hard work and dedication.

First Hindu girl became DSP in Pakistan

News Patiala: 31 July 2022 –

                     In the year 1947, a separate country was formed in the name of Islam, which was separated from India, which was called Pakistan. But after more than 75 years of independence, now a Hindu girl from a backward and small area of ​​Pakistan is being discussed not only in Pakistan but in the whole world. That girl’s name is Manisha Rupeta, she is the first Hindu girl to become a DSP in Pakistan. This Hindu girl has done such a feat that hardly anyone could have imagined.

like the Public Service Commission exam is held in the Indian states, in the same way, the Civil Service exam is held in the Sindh province of Pakistan, from which Manisha has completed her training and taken charge of the DSP. Clearing the Sindh Public Service Commission exam and becoming a DSP is a huge achievement in itself.

Father died at the age of 13

Manisha Rupeta had a lot of struggles. Manisha’s father, who hailed from Jacobabad, a small and backward district, died when she was 13 years old. There was not so much opportunity for children to study in Jakubabad. The mother again took courage and came to Karachi for a better future for her five children.

All the siblings are involved in the medical profession

Recalling her days of struggle, Manisha says that in Jacobabad, girls were not allowed to read and write as per their choice. If one had to study, he was only allowed to study medicine, but Manisha always had her heart set on a police career. Manisha’s three sisters are MBBS doctors, while her only younger brother is also studying medical management.

Exam preparation hidden

Like her sisters, Manisha also gave the MBBS exam but the marks were low and she could not pass. After this, he took the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy. But due to her attachment to the police uniform, she started preparing for the Sindh Public Service Commission exam. Due to his hard work, he succeeded in the Public Service Commission examination and secured 16th rank.

Women do not go to the police station

Manisha said that women in Pakistan usually do not go inside police stations and courts. If women also came there, there was always some man with them. There was a perception that girls from good families don’t go to the police station, which I had to change. The police profession has always fascinated and inspired me. I have always felt that this profession empowers the position of women.

Trained in the most remote area of ​​Karachi

Manisha said, ‘that most of the victims are women, so there should be women to protect them. This is the motivation that I always want to be a part of the police force.” Before taking charge as Azad DSP, Manisha trained in Lyari, the most remote area of ​​Karachi. Manisha was the first police officer. Department in the area. She is a lady. She has trained under the supervision of ASP Atif Amir. Aamir believes that increasing the number of women police officers will help change the image of the police department. The anti-human image of the police.” He said that police officer like Manisha will help in creating a good image of the police in society.

The commission helps in the preparation of the exam

Apart from her job, Manisha also prepares for the Public Service Commission exam at an academy. About this, she said, “It is very inspiring for me because my guidance can help some girls to move forward.” Manisha believes that the police is a service that transcends gender and religion. He expressed hope that more and more women from the minority community would join the police department in the coming days.

Will Manisha be able to continue the job?

During an interview, Manisha says that the people of Pakistan’s minority community, who are her neighbors, are very happy with her job, but everyone is afraid that I don’t know how long she will be able to stay in this job. And I am also aware of it. Manisha says, ‘People from our community are very happy with my success and I have received congratulations from all over the country.

 But, a strange thing is also happening that most people believe that I will change my job in a few days. But, Manisha is still trying to convince her relatives, that she will take up the job and face the difficulties that will come. He said, ‘In a male-dominated society, men believe that only men can do the work of the police department. they have that way of thinking, but in the next few years the mindset of people will change and then in the coming years’ daughters will come to join the police department.

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