Preneet Kaur election campaigned for husband: Patiala News

Preneet Kaur is still part of the Congress party

When contacted, Preneet Kaur declined to comment

Preneet Kaur election campaigned for husband: Patiala News
Preneet Kaur election campaigned for husband: Patiala News

 Patiala News, 15 February 2022

For the past several days, the issue of campaigning has been a religious crisis for Patiala MP Preneet Kaur. She is now in charge of her husband’s election campaign. She is a Congress MP and her husband Capt. Amarinder Singh has formed a separate Punjab Lok Congress Party against the Congress. Not only the captain but also other candidates from the party are in the fray.

Although Preneet Kaur is still part of the Congress party, she has distanced herself from the Congress campaigning. She could not even campaign for her husband, even when she was filing nominations. Jayinder Kaur, daughter of the royal family, has also been made the covering candidate and she is in charge of her father’s election campaign.

During the four elections held from 2002 to 2017, Amarinder Singh campaigned very little for himself. The rest was in the hands of Daromadar Preneet Kaur and every time people have been living with Amarinder Singh by an overwhelming majority. This is why the locals have so much respect for the royal family. During the partition of the country, the royal family was kind to those who came here from Pakistan. Things have not changed now. This time Amarinder Singh is contesting from PLC instead of Congress. Most of his supporters do not see the captain and the hand as separate. As a result, Capt. along with the royal family feared that Amarinder Singh’s majority vote would be spoiled due to the change of election symbol.

Here Congress candidate Vishnu Sharma has his base as the first mayor. The AAP has fielded Ajitpal Singh Kohli (former mayor), a son of the Kohli family, who is contesting the highest number of eight elections from here. His grandfather and father have contested from here seven times and won the elections. The Kohli family not only knows the secrets of the city but also knows the pulse of the city dwellers. , Akali Dal candidate Harpal Juneja cannot be underestimated. Juneja is the first to launch an election campaign. Due to all these aspects and issues, Preneet Kaur has finally been forced to handle her husband’s election campaign. Experts believe that only Preneet Kaur can run Capt Amarinder Singh’s election campaign in a more efficient manner. Experts also say that victory or defeat is unknown.

So many forces are active inside to overthrow Amarinder Singh. Thus, it is more important for Amarinder Singh to emerge victorious from this constituency than to take action against Preneet Kaur. Congress can only take disciplinary action against Preneet Kaur. But his absence could prove fatal for Amarinder Singh.

When contacted, Preneet Kaur declined to comment.

He held a few election meetings late this evening. She persuaded the people to pay in favor of her husband but did not utter a single word against Congress.

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