New orders for Owners of Hotels Marriage Palaces Restaurants DC Madhvi Kataria

Malerkotla, January 07, 2022 –

District Magistrate Mrs. Madhavi Kataria said that the owners of hotels, marriage palaces, restaurants would have to get the necessary approval from the office of PUDA, Town Planner. He said this while exercising his powers under Section 144 of the Criminal Code, 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974). Many hotels, marriage palaces, and restaurants are in operation or new ones are being set up in the Malerkotla district. In which there are many technical shortcomings. Which poses a threat to the public going there. Which can cause loss of life and property.

The construction of these marriage palaces, hotels, and restaurants becomes necessary to confirm various basic aspects like building structure, electrical fittings, suitable site space, a reasonable distance from roads next to the parking lot, safety, etc.

An order has been issued by the district magistrate for the same. Those who are interested in building marriage palaces, hotels, and restaurants in district Malerkotla or those who have already run marriage palaces, hotels, and restaurants.

Get necessary approvals from their employer PUDA / Town Planner’s office. A copy of this approval will be affixed at appropriate places in hotels, marriage palaces, and restaurants. Any magistrate or police officer of SHO or higher rank. He could inspect these places at any time.

DC Madhvi Kataria
DC Madhvi Kataria

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