PCS Officers Association on one day strike Tehsildar strike in Punjab Today

Still, election-affiliated duties will continue to be performed 

The revenue officers of the state are on indefinite mass leave since 8th December 

PCS Officers Association Tehsildar strike Punjab Today
PCS Officers Association Tehsildar strike Punjab Today

6 IAS 5 PCS officers Transferred News Punjab Today

In the articulation of solidarity and support to the proceeding protest of Punjab Revenue Officers Association against the complaint and arrestment of Naib Tehsildar Sandeep Kumar and Registry Clerk Manjit Singh by the Vigilance rules, the Punjab Civil Services Officers’Association has chosen to do on mass workaday vacation for one day on 10 Dec 2021.

Punjab Civil Services Officers’Association issued a check in this regard and said that their action in support of the ongoing protest by the Punjab Profit Officers’Association is aimed at drawing the attention of the Government to the repeated violations of the vittles of the Government of Punjab. 

Whether it’s the arrest of Tarsem Chand PCS or Naib Tehsildar Sandeep Kumar or Registry Clerk Manjit Singh, the frequent thread in all these aimless arrests is the complete disregard of the provisions of the Vigilance Department letter dated March 6, 2020, and the Prevention of Corruption Amendment Act 2018 by Vigilance authorities. The coming course of action will be decided by the Association stated by the Punjab Civil Services Officers Association.


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