Chandigarh Contractual Employees Get Reprieve

Chandigarh: Contract employees in the Chandigarh administration can breathe a sigh of relief as the UT administration has decided to take positive action to save their jobs. This comes after the finance department of the UT administration had refused to approve the extension file of contract employees, putting their jobs at risk.

In a meeting held on Friday, the Chandigarh administration decided to write a letter to the central government seeking its approval to extend the contracts of the employees. The issue of contract employees was strongly presented in the meeting, with the administrator being told that due to the loss of jobs of these employees, the UT administration may face a big problem of work force.

After much deliberation on the matter, the administrator allowed the file to be sent to the MHA for review. This means that the jobs of the contract employees are safe, at least for the time being.

According to sources, the UT administration is hopeful that the central government will approve the extension of the contracts of the employees. The administration is also making all possible efforts to ensure that the jobs of the contract employees are saved.

This is a big relief for the more than 1500 contract employees working in the Chandigarh administration. Most of the contract employees work in the education (school-college) and health departments of UT. There are more than 500 contract appointments in the education department itself, which include teachers and other employees.

The UT administration has assured the contract employees that it will do everything possible to save their jobs. The administration has also said that it is committed to providing a secure and sustainable future for all of its employees.

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