All Private Schools in Punjab to Close on August 21 in Protest Against Government Discrimination

Chandigarh, August 10, 2023 — Private schools across Punjab will remain closed on August 21 in protest against government discrimination. The Joint Action Committee of Private Schools (JACPUS) announced the closure on Monday, citing a number of reasons, including the government’s imposition of unfair regulations on private schools.

JACPUS President Rajiv Sharma said that the government is discriminating against private schools, despite the fact that they are affiliated to the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB), have passed building safety, fire safety, and water purification certificates, and have obtained no-objection certificates (NOCs).

He also pointed out that private schools are required to have teachers with Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) certificates, while many teachers and DEO officials in government schools do not have TET certificates. Additionally, private schools are inspected by principals of government schools, but government schools are not inspected by principals of private schools.

“In protest against this discrimination, we have decided to keep all private schools in Punjab closed on August 21,” Sharma said.

The JACPUS has demanded that the government withdraw the unfair regulations that it has imposed on private schools. They have also demanded that government schools be inspected by principals of private schools.

The closure of private schools on August 21 is likely to have a significant impact on students and parents in Punjab. It remains to be seen whether the government will heed the demands of the JACPUS and withdraw the unfair regulations that it has imposed on private schools.

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