Punjab government is strict on the strike of PCS officers

News Patiala, 11 January 2023- The Bhagwant government is taking a tough stance on the strike of PCS officers in Punjab. The government has issued a strict order and said that the PCS officers should be present on duty by two o’clock today in all circumstances. If the said officials do not return to their duties, the government will have to take strict action. He said the govt will not tolerate blackmailing and arm twiting on the issue of corrupotion.

The copy of the order is as under :

Punjab government is strict on the strike of PCS officers


It is worth mentioning that the president of Punjab Civil Service Officers Association, Dr. Under the leadership of Rajat Ubrai. 80 PCS officers from across Punjab came to take part in the meeting. Meanwhile, considering the action of vigilance as wrong, a decision was taken to unite and go on a 5-day collective holiday from Monday. All PCS officials including Senior Advisor Latif Ahmed, Senior Vice President Legal Sukhpreet Sidhu, Senior Vice President Secretary Singh Ball, Avikesh Gupta, Major Amit Sareen, Amarjit Singh Bains, Pooja Sayal and General Secretary Ankur Mahindru were present in the meeting.

Taking action on this, CM Mann has ordered these officers to join duty today.


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