Patiala Aam Aadmi Clinic 134 patient Check Up on the Second day

Patiala Aam Aadmi Clinic 134 patient Check Up on the Second day

News Patiala: 16th August 2022
             The government inaugurated three Aam Aadmi clinics in the district on the occasion of Independence Day. People are very happy with the facilities provided in open mohalla clinics. But, the clinics are not overcrowded with patients.

  • Bhasha Bhavan office Aam Aadmi Clinic

The timings of the Mohalla clinic opened near the Bhasha Bhavan office have been kept from 8 am to 2 pm. On Tuesday, around 42 people got their checkups done at the clinic and took medicine.

Dr. Supreet Kaur posted at Mohalla Clinic said that every medicine given to the patients is available in the clinic here. Apart from this, the stock of other medicines is coming. On Tuesday, 42 people came here for checkups. Apart from this, good seating arrangements have also been made in the clinic.

  • Jhil village Aam Aadmi Clinic

 Around 36 people got their checkups done at the open clinic of Aam Aadmi Clinic in Jhil village of Patiala. Meanwhile, people who came to get medicine at the clinic were seen praising the government. A doctor, a pharmacist, a receptionist, and a grade four staff have been deployed to the clinic. 

The people present here said that the government has done a great job by opening Mohalla Clinic. Aam Aadmi Clinic has good arrangements for seeing patients. Chairs have also been arranged for people to sit. The doctors posted here are treating the patients very well. More mohalla clinics should be opened in the city.

  • Old Mc Office Dulladi Gate Nabha Aam Aadmi Clinic

Aam Aadmi Clinic has been started by the Punjab Government on the occasion of Independence Day. The Mohalla Clinic was inaugurated by SDM Kanu Garg at the old MC office at Duladi Gate, Nabha.

 On the first day, 12 patients were examined in about an hour. Along with this, on the second day, Tuesday, Dr. Harvinder Singh examined a total of 56 patients from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon and gave medicines.

 Dr. Harvinder Singh said that there is a staff of four members including him in this clinic.
The patient token is obtained from the ANM. After this, the patient shows the doctor and takes the medicine from the pharmacist. While the tests will start on Wednesday due to the arrival of the test kit on Tuesday.

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