CNG is more expensive than diesel in Chandigarh

CNG is more expensive than diesel in Chandigarh

News Patiala:

            People are suffering from inflation. CNG prices in the city have increased once again. CNG has become more expensive than diesel in Chandigarh. CNG price in Chandigarh has now reached Rs 89.95 per kg. While the price of diesel is Rs 84.26 per liter.

Let it be known that the prices of CNG gas have increased twice in the last two months in Chandigarh. Earlier, the rates were increased on July 1 as well. At that time CNG was Rs 85.40 per kg. Now the price of CNG has increased by Rs 4.55 in a month. Along with this, the price of CNG in Panchkula has increased to Rs 89.90 per kg.

It is natural that inflation will increase with the increase in CNG prices. Because CNG is used in auto and cab taxis in Tricity including Chandigarh. People have also installed CNG kits in private vehicles. Due to the high prices of petrol and diesel, people use CNG in their vehicles, but now people are protesting because CNG is more expensive than diesel. The price of petrol in Chandigarh is Rs 96.20 per liter. Apart from this, the price of the LPG cylinder used in the house has also increased to around 1100 rupees. In such a situation, the city dwellers are bearing the brunt of inflation everywhere.

But, Chandigarh has more than 3000 autos, most of which use CNG gas. Auto drivers say that they are suffering the most due to the increase in CNG prices. Some drivers have taken autos on hire and passengers are traveling in old hire autos. In such a case, if more rent is demanded from her, she opposes it. So auto drivers are facing more trouble due to the increase in CNG rates.

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