BJP leader Sonali Phogat’s brother accused, PA used to rape sister

BJP leader Sonali Phogat's brother accused, PA used to rape my sister

News Patiala: 25th August 2022

                 Family members have raised serious questions about the death of Sonali Phogat. Sonali Phogat’s brother has accused Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan of sexually assaulting her and making obscene videos. Goa’s Anjuna police have registered a case of unnatural death based on the post-mortem report, but the family has denied it. Not happy with

BJP leader and former actress Sonali Phogat passed away at the age of 42. According to preliminary information, the cause of death is said to be a heart attack. Along with this, her brother has alleged that Sonali has been murdered. She was being raped. Sonali’s brother Rinku Dhaka has filed a complaint with the Goa police. He has alleged that his sister was murdered by his accomplices. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that the police are investigating Phogat’s death.

Rinku accuses Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan of murder

In the complaint given to the police, Rinku has accused Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan, and his partner Sukhwinder of rape and murder. He has said that Sonali started trusting Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder. Sudhir Sangwan mixed poison in the food, due to which Sonali died.

He was raped after being fed drugs

In the complaint given to the police, Rinku has alleged that Sudhir raped Sonali three years ago by mixing drugs in her food. After this, he raped Sonali several times. He made a video of the rape. Sudhir was blackmailing Sonali by threatening to make the video viral. Rinku has said that Sudhir had robbed Sonali’s house. Then he fired the house cook and other staff and hired his own men.

Sudhir used to arrange food for Sonali. He started poisoning Sonali by adding it to her food. Sonali tells her brother Rinku that Sudhir gave her kheer to eat. After eating kheer, his hands and feet began to tremble. Anxiety and nervousness had increased in his body. Sonali was going to come to Hisar and tell the police about the abuses happening to her and Sudhir Sangwan was going to get severe punishment.

Gopal Kanda’s name came up in the Sonali case

Rinku Dhaka told reporters that these people wanted to grab Sonali’s property. Rinku said that the complaint also mentioned killing while hatching a political conspiracy. But, another brother of Sonali Phogat, Vatan Dhaka, alleged that Gopal Kanda, former minister of Haryana and current MLA from Sirsa, is helping the accused. Gopal Kanda already knows these two boys very well.

Dhaka said the family members want the post-mortem to be conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi or AIIMS in Jaipur. “She was a BJP leader for the last 15 years. We will also appeal to Prime Minister Modi to help us in getting him justice.

He claimed that after Sonali’s death, CCTV cameras, laptops, and other essential items have gone missing from his farmhouse in Haryana.

The sister also made serious allegations

Recently, Sonali Phogat’s sister Rupesh had told that on the night of August 22, Sonali had spoken to her mother on the phone. Sonali had told her mother that she was not feeling well after eating. After eating there was a mess. There was a feeling of disturbance in the body. On this, the mother advised him to go to the doctor. Sister Rupesh had told that during the conversation with her mother, Sonali had suspected something against her. Sonali told her mother what was wrong with her food. My body is deteriorating as if someone has done something to me.

Sonali Phogat’s 15-year-old daughter Yashodhara has also demanded justice for her mother. He said that this matter should be investigated and the culprits should be punished.

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