Retired Police Personnel Union warn Politicians Punjab

Retired Police Personnel Union warn Politicians punjab
Retired Police Personnel Union warn Politicians Punjab

Warning of a boycott of leaders for again insulting Police Personnel 

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Patiala 28 December 2021 – A meeting was held at the office of Punjab Police Pensioners Welfare Association Patiala. The meeting was chaired by the president of the organization, retired D. S. P. Presided over by Sukhwinder Singh. On this occasion, retired police personnel spoke against the politicians. “Stop insulting police officers and such insults are unbearable,” he warned. He said that in the era of terrorism Punjab police personnel had saved the politicians by sacrificing their lives. Now only the Punjab Police is providing security to the politicians. The Punjab Police is being insulted by the politicians by using derogatory language again and again. 

A representative of the Punjab Police Pensioners Welfare Association said that she issued a stern warning. Such a satyagraha could be boycotted in the coming elections. If the police officers are insulted. He said that Punjab Police Pensioners Association wanted to stay out of political issues. But such leaders are engaged in dragging the police into politics. There is a lot of resentment among the employees of Punjab Police about this. In this meeting the president of the association Sukhwinder Singh, senior officer Gurnam Singh Mehra, former D. S. P. Nahar Singh, Inspector Davinder Singh Malhi, Inspector Amarjit Singh Gill, Inspector Sukhwant Singh, etc. were present.

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