Shopkeepers in Tripuri Market Protest Encroachment, Attacked with Bricks and Stones

Patiala, India – August 9: Shopkeepers in Tripuri Market staged a protest on Wednesday after they were attacked by encroachers with bricks and stones. The protesters also threw hot oil at the encroachers. Six people from the shopkeepers’ party were injured in the attack and have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.


The shopkeepers say that the encroachers have been illegally occupying five shops in the temple complex for several years. They have been asked to vacate the shops multiple times, but the encroachers have refused. The shopkeepers also say that the encroachers have blocked the passage leading to the temple steps.


The police were informed about the attack on Wednesday afternoon. They have filed a complaint against the encroachers and are investigating the matter.


The shopkeepers are demanding stringent action against the encroachers and their immediate arrest. They have also called for the shops to be vacated.


The attack on the shopkeepers has created a tense situation in Tripuri Market. The shopkeepers have closed the market and are demanding action from the police. The police have assured the shopkeepers that they will take appropriate action against the encroachers.


The attack on the shopkeepers is a serious matter. It is important that the police take swift action against the encroachers and ensure the safety of the shopkeepers. The shopkeepers have a right to protest peacefully and they should not be subjected to violence.

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