Indian Woman Dies After Falling Off Cruise Ship in Singapore Strait

An Indian woman who went missing after falling from a cruise ship in the Singapore Strait has died, her son confirmed on Instagram.

News Patiala:– Rita Sahni, 64, was on a cruise with her husband Jakesh Sahni when she went missing on Monday. The couple was returning to Singapore from Penang, Malaysia, on the Spectrum of the Seas cruise ship.

Jakesh Sahni told authorities that he woke up in their cabin on Monday morning and found his wife missing. He searched the ship for her, but she was nowhere to be found.

The cruise ship’s security footage showed that something had fallen into the sea from the ship overnight, but it was not clear if it was Rita Sahni.

The Singapore Police Coast Guard and the Republic of Singapore Navy searched for Rita Sahni for several days, but they were unable to find her.

Her son, Vivek Sahni, confirmed her death on Instagram on Wednesday. He said that his mother had passed away and that he was grateful for the help of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian High Commission.

Vivek Sahni also said that the tragedy had occurred on his birthday.

The death of Rita Sahni is a reminder of the dangers of cruising. While cruising can be a fun and exciting way to travel, it is important to be aware of the risks involved.

If you are planning a cruise, be sure to research the safety record of the cruise line and the ship you will be sailing on. You should also be aware of the emergency procedures in case of an accident.

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