Outsourced Recruitment in Government Schools is a Big Fraud with the Unemployed

News Patiala 12th July: The Democratic Employees Federation (DMF) has criticized the Punjab government’s decision to recruit 150 campus managers under the guise of relieving headmasters from non-academic tasks in government schools.

The DMF said that instead of recruiting thousands of vacant non-teaching posts in schools, the Punjab government is cheating unemployed youth by recruiting retired employees through the Punjab X Servicemen Corporation (POSCO).

The DMF leaders said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which came to power by promising to hire raw and outsourced employees, has instead adopted the policy of outsourcing recruitment on the lines of the previous governments.

The DMF leaders questioned the Punjab government about the extent to which it is permissible to recruit retired employees when the number of highly qualified unemployed youth in Punjab is at its peak.

The DMF leaders demanded that the Punjab government employ the unemployed youth of Punjab on a regular basis in all the departments, boards, and corporations, and provide employment to all the raw and outsourced employees unconditionally.

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