Patiala Civil Surgeon Dr. Dalbir Kaur visited Aam Aadmi Clinic and Community Health Center

The health facilities available to the patients should be reviewed

News Patiala 16th December 2022: Visit by Civil Surgeon Dr. Dalbir Kaur to provide standard quality health services to the people at their homes. She visited the Aam Aadmi Clinic and Community Health Center Tripuri in the language department of Patiala city. She reviewed the health services being provided to the people there.


During the visit to the Aam Aadmi Clinic where they interacted with the staff to get information about the number of patients coming daily and the availability of medicines. Learned about the functioning of these clinics through interaction with the patients who came there to take medicine. From which the patients also expressed their satisfaction with the health facilities provided by these clinics.

The Civil Surgeon visited the Community Health Center Tripuri. Dr. Senior Medical Officer After meeting with Vikas Goyal, reviewed the health services being provided in the health center. Apart from this, the status of the established Aam Aadmi Clinics in the area covered was also reviewed.

By visiting the wards of that hospital, he got to know the condition of the admitted patients. Asked them about the free treatment they were getting at the hospital. Apart from this, he also inspected various OPDs, E.Aushadhi, Labor Room, Immunization Room, etc. District Mass Media Officer Krishna Kumar was also with him.

She issued instructions to the staff to take special care of hospital cleanliness, record keeping, emergency kit, and emergency services.

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