TrueCaller launches new Open Doors app

Users will be able to make secret audio calls

TrueCaller launches new Open Doors app

News Patiala: 14th July 2022
                    Truecaller platform has launched a new Open Doors app. This is a live audio app. The company claims that secure and confidential conversations can be done on the Open Door app. The app is developed by a dedicated team in Stockholm and India. This is a completely free app. Users will be able to download the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store worldwide.

How to use the Open Door app

The Open Door app is very easy to use. If you already use the Truecaller app, you can sign in with one tap. If you are not a Truecaller user, only your phone number will be verified through missed call or OTP. Your contacts and phone permission will be required to use this app.

What is special

Users will not be able to see each other’s phone numbers while interacting with the Open Doors app. During a conversation, users can leave the conversation as they wish. Your friends can join the conversation when they receive a notification or click a link you share.

Which language will be supported

The Open Doors app will currently be available in English, Hindi, Spanish, Latin, and French. But the company says that new languages ​​will be added soon. All interactions with Open Door are real-time. Like Trucker, it is also run by the community. It is not stored anywhere and no one can listen to it without your knowledge.

Some of the innovations in the app are already in the works such as getting closer to people in your contacts, expressing your opinion on what people say, as well as having complete control over how the app notifies you of new conversations. is

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