Lok Sabha Bill Passed Aadhaar link Voter ID

Lok Sabha Bill Passed Aadhaar link Voter ID
Lok Sabha Bill Passed Aadhaar link Voter ID

Lok Sabha Bill passed Aadhaar link Voter ID

The Electoral Law Amendment Bill aims to link voter lists to Aadhaar 

The opposition protesting and chanting slogans in the house

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December 20, 2021 – The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Electoral Law Amendment Bill. The Electoral Law Amendment Bill and other consultations were passed amid strong opposition demands. The purpose of this bill is to link voter lists with the Aadhaar numbers.

This allows Electoral Registration Officers to request Aadhaar numbers for voters. Responding to the debate, Law and Justice Minister Kiran Rijiju said the bill would bring significant electoral reform to the country. He said that the whole house should take part in the debate. But they have been protesting and chanting slogans in the house. 

He said that the bill was introduced after extensive discussions with the Election Commission and the state governments. This will further enhance the electoral process in the country. He said that the bill was introduced by the government following the recommendation. The report of the Standing Committee on Personnel and Training, Law and Justice. This includes members of all political parties. 

The opposition protesting members either did not go for the draft bill or they are showing ignorance of the new provisions. In 1987, the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 years. The eligibility date for voter registration was set for January 1 each year. The new amendment now has four dates, January 1 and April.

 July 1 and October 1 each year so that any eligible person can be admitted at the age of 18, ”Rijiju told the House. He appealed to the members to pass the bill as it was in the interest of the voters and the country. Earlier, while debating the bill, Congress floor leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary asked why the government was in such a hurry to bring the bill. As many MPs had requested the government to send it to a parliamentary committee. 

The manner in which the bill was introduced this morning and passed so today is not correct. It should be referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee, ”said Chaudhry. DMK member TR Baloo said the bill needed more public opinion while BSP MP Riteish Pandey said the bill needed more consultation. Debating the bill, TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee said, “The current law minister is killing democracy.

Speaking on the bill, BJP member Nishikant Dubey said Congress had always tried to discredit. The country’s constitutional institutions and had made the former Election Commissioner of India a Member of Parliament. He even elected a Nepali citizen to this House on the basis of fake citizenship documents.

The bill would bar Bangladeshi and Nepali refugees from being included in the Indian electoral roll. He said that parties like Congress and TMC were objecting to the bill as it would affect their vote bank. 

Opposition members Sule asked the government to come up with a new bill after further deliberations. While RSP MP NK Premchandran told the chair that they were not even allowed to demand a split on the bill. 

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